Welcome to Agro Química Maringá

  • 1210 Alvares Cabral StreetSerraria, Diadema - SP

  • Email maringa@aqm.com.br

  • Phone(+55 11) 4056-9500
    (+55 11) 4056-9500


We perform everything we do with great commitment to ensure the effectiveness of the methods and processes adopted, according to the highest standards related to quality, health, safety, protection of people and environment.


Agro Química Maringá understands that the principles and information contained in the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct must be followed from suppliers’ relationship, production and sale flows, up to the final distribution stage. In this way, all suppliers and customers are expected to pass on these principles and instructions to all members so that core ethical values are genuinely practiced in every business environment.

We highlight the fact that our Code applies to all employees, managers and directors in the same way. Core ethical values guide employees in several ways, by exercising their work ethically and transparently; respecting and obeying the laws, regulations and rules of the company; acting with confidence when dealing with the strategic business issues; stressing Agro Química Maringá S / A core values regularly in the communication between leaders and followers, in order to make decisions aimed at the organization's objectives.

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