Pioneer in Chemical Distribution

Agro Química Maringá started its activities in Maringá – PR, Brazil, in the 60 's, applying agricultural pesticides using single - engine airplanes.

It has expanded its activities in the trade of products used in farming and after realizing a great potential in this field, Maringá has concentrated its business activities in the distribution of chemical and petrochemical products, becoming a pioneer and market leader in the market it operates.

Currently, Agro Química Maringá continues to invest, increasing its fleet of trucks, developing its product portfolio, expanding its infrastructure and seeking to serve its customers and suppliers with excellence.

The headquarters, located in Diadema-SP, have an area of 40 thousand m².

The company has a wide portfolio serving several market segments, mainly: pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, paints and household cleaning products. Segments that serve more than 5000 customers across the country.

The logistics department aims at speeding deliveries, with its own fleet for the greater São Paulo and partnership with carriers to other locations.

The company offers technical support for the development of new products and is certified in PRODIR and ISO 9001: 2015.

Our Partners


Since 1968, with great dedication and taking on internal and external social responsibilities of work environment, we strive to provide all employees, customers, suppliers and the community in general with an ecologically responsible work policy, acting ethically and seeking to establish a high standard for environmental and social progress.

In order to achieve the desired result regarding operational safety, we are committed to strict compliance with all current laws and regulations, as well as providing internal and external training for our employees, so that all may responsibly, diligently and safely carry out their activities.


To ensure performance transparency and sustainability in the global supply chain, we adopted the Ecovadis' TFS - Together for Sustainability approach, which conducts audit programs to verify sustainable and fine practices in chemicals and petrochemicals trade.

Our Story

Agro Aérea Maringá was launched and begins applying herbicides and insecticides and distributing chemical products and agrochemicals.

After selling aircrafts used in application of agricultural pesticides, it has then focused only on the distribution of chemicals. After changing its corporate name to Agro Química Maringá SA started the construction of the new headquarters in Diadema.

Moved to the current headquarters in Diadema, São Paulo, with an area of 6 thousand m² and own fleet.

Expansion of tanking and storage areas, totaling 4 million liters (bulk) and 16 thousand square meters respectively.

Inauguration of sales offices in Rio de Janeiro and Campinas.

ISO 9000-2000 Quality System Certification.

Responsible Distribution Process

Renovation of the tank park, acquisition of new trucks, laboratory reform, modernization of the storage area in the pharmaceutical division.

Indspec resorcinol distribution started.


Start of distribution of the oxy-biodegradable additive from Wells Plastics.

Start of the distribution of Momentive Silicones focusing on the industrial and agrochemical market.

Inauguration of the new application and quality laboratory.

Renovation of containment basins and obtaining TFS (Together for Sustainability).


Launching of new website, celebrating 50 years. Start of commercialization of Oxiteno's propylic line. Partnership with Innophos companies to market phosphoric acid and with Amino Chem to market resorcinol.

Opening of the branch in Itajaí, Santa Catarina. Vaccination of the entire fleet in order to increase safety.